The Marc Chagall of Breslev

Barak Uranovsky was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1972 to an artistic family, Barak’s father Meyer is an acclaimed painter, his mother a fabric artist, his brother an architect, and his sisters musicians.

Barak studied art at school and did an apprenticeship with David Manning, one of South Africa’s leading stained-glass artists. He came to Israel in 1990 for a year in Yeshiva but ended up enlisting in the IDF the next year, combining Torah study and military service in the “Hesder” framework until 1995, when he was discharged from the army.

He then started working again with stained glass, slowly developing and adding new techniques to his repertoire. Fourteen years later, he has designed stained glass, Eternal lamps, Arks, Bimot, Memorials, Dedication Walls and Mezuzot for Synagogues all over Israel and the United States.

He now resides on a small Moshav to the South of Israel with his wife and their six children.

Stained Glass in Cedar Sinai Synagogue Dazzles the Senses

Ark Doors

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The theme is from Egypt till the temple. The bottom has a pyramid and the burning bush, the beginning of the Jews as a people.

They leave Egypt through the Red sea and camp at the foot of Sinai (see the tents). Next is the Matan Torah and the conquest of the Land, symbolised by the walls of Jericho exploding and the shofarot.

Finally we have the Temple. The Verse is from Isaiah 56:7.


The most exciting part of the process of stained glass includes painting with ground glass on the glass canvas. I try to do this painting in one sitting, the effect is more spontaneous and alive rather than trying to be in control.

I envision a real, unique art form that is Jewish in its inception—I don't wish to make art that is Jewish, but Jewish art, that is Jewish in its idea, subject, feeling and method.