Chapel window 1

At the bottom right is Sherith Jacob and above it Ohel Yavne. To the left is Ohel Jacob and above it the Tetiever shul. Right of this is Sherith Israel the Kinsman Jewish Center and N'Vai Zedek.
Left of the Kinsman Center is Tifereth Israel and above it all is your new building.
Behind all this runs talith like imagery and at the bottom is the Torah held up and the script "You shall make me a sanctuary and I will dwell amongst them". All these pictures are taken from your pamphlet, and the hebrew names of each congregation apears on the image of it. The Shabbat candles symbolise Achdut, togetherness.

Chapel window 2

The very bottom is Europe with small houses, broken menorah, sword, whip etc.
There also is the yellow star. The ship, its manifest and Ellis Island are next.
Above are people shlepping their pekelech and the statue of Liberty.
Above is the symbol of Menorah Park, the heading of Die Yiddishe Veld, the Temple and the old Scville Temple. Next is Jewish Orphan Home forerunner to Bellefaire and the old Montefiore home.
Above to the left of the torch is a horse and cart (actualy Jacob Sapersteins cart) and the old Warrensville shul. To the right is the symbol of Bnei Brith and the Jewish Cultural Gardens and above is your new building. The top has the Israeli flag and the Cleveland Jewish News.

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Chapel Windows - a view to past, present, and future

Chapel Windows