Cedar Road Synagogue
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Your contribution to Cedar Sinai Synagogue helps build a stronger, more vibrant community. There are many ways to donate:

1. Give online
Please click the donate button:
*Is this donation is in memory of or to honor someone?
If so, please list name, address of person(s) you are remembering or honoring in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS area when making your payment online.

2. Sponsor a Kiddush

Please call the office to arrange the Kiddush at 216-382-6566
Then Click the Kiddush button to pay online:

3. Send a check

Please send your contribution, made out to:

Oheb Zedek Cedar Sinai Synagogue
23749 Cedar Road, Lyndhurst, Ohio 44122

If your donation is in honor or memory of someone special, please include a note with their complete address as well so we can acknowledge your donation.

4. Donate items

Cedar Sinai Synagogue is always willing to consider donation of items.

Please call the office and speak directly to our staff about your items, so we can determine how to best handle your donation.

Office Phone: 216-382-6566

5. Capital Building Gift

Make a capital or endowment gift to our building.

Building a new synagogue edifice provides an opportunity to honor those we love as well as well as to create a living memorial to those who are no longer with us.

Tributes and memorials express respect and love. They can perpetuate a family's name; they can honor the good works of an individual; they can immortalize the memory of someone we cherished. Through the years, they can inspire us, our children, and grandchildren, whenever we pray, study, or assemble within the walls of our synagogue.

Each dedication and tribute will reflect the thoughtful generosity of the donor, and will be honored accordingly. Please be in touch with our office staff about what giving opportunities are still available.

We greatly appreciate your generosity and look forward to hearing from you!